How “Die Wand” Brought Me Back To Reality

I saw “Die Wand” (The Wall) a couple of weeks ago. It’s a film about a woman that is forced into self-reliance because of an invisible wall that segregates here from the rest of society–who appear to all be dead anyway. The story follows the nameless character through the good times and the bad. The good being when she is in the company of a few surviving animals that have been lucky enough to be inside (or outside) the wall; or when she is up in the pasture with the warm sun hitting her face and a sense of accomplishment and contentedness–regardless of what has happened–pulsating through her. Or the white crow, shunned by its like, that hangs around for a feed of scraps. The bad times are when animals unfortunately die and further grieve strikes her or when she meets the only other human she has seen in over a year–a madman who kills her beloved dog, Luchs, who she then shoots dead–and when she is going through depression and anxiety that such a predicament would inevitable bring. The isolation sent a chill through me. The death and disconnectedness made me cry. To be cut off from the world, to feel that my loved ones are too far away. It was a situation I could have found myself in. Instead, I made the right decision. One that will not isolate me. Isolation isn’t what I want at all. Self-reliance is one thing. Complete disconnectedness, forever, or even a time, is not. Nicht die wand, bitte

The permaculture principle, Integrate Rather Than Segregate is right. That’s who we are as humans.

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