On Locavorism

I just read an analysis of locavorism on an unexpected website, The American Conservative. One of the comments, by Escher, reads:

“With most people working crazy hours just to get by, locavorism may unfortunately stay the preserve of the upper and upper middle classes, who have the time and money to source high quality local produce…”

I have heard this argument time and time again. In response to veganism, homecooking, seasonality, organics… This ought not be the case at all. Locavorism – and other ideas and concepts – is about encouraging Joe and Jenny Bloggs to give a crap about food. How did the thing so central to our lives get pushed to the back, and endless toil and TV to the fore? No wonder we’re so fat, lazy and celebrity- and tabloid-obsessed.


2 thoughts on “On Locavorism

  1. I think we tend to be too middle class/ well off; we don’t truly understand the concept of eat/buy/live local until we are living in poverty and our next meal depends on someone supporting us (as a local business or artisan). We made the decision several years ago to only buy groceries locally at our community Co-Op (even though prices are higher than in town at big chain stores) and our local feed store. Both businesses stock local products where available. We have not regretted this decision and I feel it has helped to keep our town alive in these (increasingly) tough economic times.

  2. Priorities! Less tv means you use a little less electricity. Shop local and you use a little less fuel. A little less on the leccy bill and at the bowser means a little more x 2 to spend on local food. 🙂 It all balances out in the end.

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