Crowdfunding: RipeNear.Me and Madelaine’s Organic Eggs

I’m in awe of crowdfunding. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s where many people come together and pledge small amounts of money to fund a much larger goal. The campaign might be to start a small business, a community group or garden, buy a piece of equipment, for someone’s medical operation they can’t afford, maybe even to help somebody pay their bills.

I helped birth a few Australian magazine, Pip Magazine, using crowdfunding. We had a goal of $9,500, which we needed to help print the first issue, and we blitzed it. It proved to be a useful method for gauging community interest too. Well, there are two crowdfunding campaigns on the go at the moment that I have supported and think you should too:


Website: RipeNear.Me

RipeNear.Me is an meeting place where you can swap, give away, sell, and buy surplus produce. Perhaps you have more lemons than you can poke a stick at – put them up on RipeNear.Me and someone in your area looking for lemons might be in touch. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking:

Madelaine’s Organic Eggs

Website: Hollyburton Farm – Madelaine’s Certified Organic Eggs

Even the free-range eggs we buy aren’t produced as ethically as we may like. ‘Free-range’ is more of a term to be legalistically manipulated than worked to in good faith. Well, Madelaine takes the whole idea to a new level. Her chickens freely graze on grass and bugs by day, are fed a nutritious diet of organic grains and natural supplements, and each egg is lovingly gathered, cleaned and sorted by the lady herself. A long, backbreaking task that Madelaine would like to get around by buying an appropriate piece of machinery. Over to her video to tell you more:

So, share the surplus and send a few dollars to each campaign if you can. This is how things are starting to happen nowadays. Collective, community-driven funding.


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A Critique of Prepper Philosophy

Jeriah Bowser writes an impressive critique of the ‘prepper’ philosophy:

The “defend what’s mine” mentality states that the moment “shit goes down,” every other human in the world instantly becomes either a resource to be used or a threat to be eliminated. Whomever you designate as “your tribe” are the only people with any value – all others are simply mindless sheep to be picked off with your shiny new AR-15.

I wonder what will become of these sustainability-discarding types when they finally emerge from their bunker, their stockpile of beans and powdered milk depleted.