Just Ask

People are scared of asking for things. They fear rejection. “But what if they say no?” So what? They might say “Yes” or “Yes, but if you meet these conditions…” The only way you’ll find out is by asking. By taking a risk. The consequences of which may not be significant at all. Perhaps just the opportunity to ask somebody else.

I walk past a building demolition site every day. Finally, today, the building was reduced to but a pile of rubble. But within that rubble was about 10 pallet loads of good red bricks. Perfect for several projects I have planned at my block in the Mallee. The boundary fence was emblazoned with the name of the firm responsible for the demolition. I gave them a call. Unfortunately, in this instance, the materials are due to be taken away later on today. I can’t arrange transport with such short notice. However, the helpful project manager on the phone informed me that I was welcome to call them when I have got transport at the ready, and they’ll point me in the direction of a demolition site that may have available some materials to my liking.

I was hesitant about asking at first. “They probably have rules about letting randoms on site to collect stuff”. Apparently not. The project manager was glad to hear of the prospect of some of these valuable materials being put to good use. For the rest will end up recycled into aggregate, or worse, in a landfill.

If I had of gotten a “No”, I would have just asked the next demolition firm I saw.

8 thoughts on “Just Ask

  1. That is so true…My partner is one of those people who always assumes that the answer will be ‘no’ so he doesn’t bother to ask. I, on the other hand’ am the sort of person who asks and hears ‘no’ a lot (so I know it’s not fatal) but I also hear ‘yes’ and I get to do a lot of interesting things because of it. It never hurts to ask.

  2. Like my grandmother would have said “you will never know if you don’t ask” and another one…”what’s the worst they can say…”No?” well you are no worse off than you are now then”. Wise woman my grandmother 😉

  3. My husband is a fine one for asking (so I ask HIM to ask for me 😉 ) and recently he asked the construction site across from his job and scored a HUGE load of once used corrugated tin and laserlight. I think if it was purchased new it would be around $1000 worth! They packed it all up and helped him load it up and now it awaits project and time. 🙂
    By the way, I have (hopefully) saved you some feverfew seeds and I have a tonne of purple sprouting broccoli seeds. Want some? 🙂 Just email me if you do.

  4. I tend to be shy, but if I want something badly enough I’ll get my courage up to ask. It can’t hurt to ask! Also if you make your goals known (on Facebook for instance) friends may offer you stuff that you could use that you might not have thought of. I did not know my friend raised chickens, but I found out when she offered me composted and green manure if I want to come get it. That will come in handy in my city garden.

    Nice blog, I like how it reads like a good book!

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