Pip Magazine: Australia’s New Permaculture Magazine

As some of you know, I have been helping Pip Magazine to build their community for the past month. What is Pip Magazine? It’s Australia’s newest–and only dedicated–permaculture magazine. It aims to help people build, connect, create, eat, grow, and nurture their way to a better life and better world. Pretty noble objective, don’t you think?

To make Issue #1 a reality, we have used the power of crowdfunding to partially fund the cost of printing. Crowdfunding, using the Pozible platform, was chosen in the spirit of the permaculture principle, to “share the surplus”. It’s a way for people interested not only in permaculture, but sustainability, social justice, gardening, and food ethics, to make an impact on something bigger than perhaps their own projects. It’s a way for the community to (1) make a statement and (2) be part of something that aims to make a difference to the world.

Well, the crowdfunding campaign has been a great success. The initial goal was $9,500AUD and we’re currently sitting at just shy of $10,500AUD. The aim now, with only 35-hours to go, is to push it up to $13,000AUD. Pretty ambitious, aye? Well, with the power of community behind us it is a real possibility.

What’s in it for you? Well, by pledging $20+ you pre-order a copy of the magazine. Various pledge-points can also select some great gifts such as the Pip tote bag, permaculture calendars, ethically-made jewellery, Formidable Vegetable Sound System’s fantastic CD, “Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual”, and vouchers towards some great permaculture courses. Oh, and you’re helping get this great magazine off the ground!

To make a pledge: pozible.com/project/175807

The Pip Magazine website: pipmagazine.com.au

Follow Pip Magazine on Twitter: twitter.com/PipMagazine

Like Pip Magazine on Facebook: facebook.com/PipAustralianPermacultureMagazine

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