Share The Surplus and Pip Permaculture Magazine

I may not have a large garden, filled with more produce than I need. But I have other surpluses. Skills, time and passion are a few things that come to mind. So I am sharing them. For the past week I have been helping Robyn Rosenfeldt with her great new permaculture magazine, Pip. I have taken on some of the marketing and social media responsibilities. It’s a real honour to work on something that I am genuinely passionate about. I haven’t felt this zeal since I launched The Kind Cleaner all those years ago. I love to see ideas—good, ethical ideas—come to fruition.

Pip is going to be a “place where people and groups from across the country can connect and share ideas, knowledge and experiences with one another and stay in touch with the permaculture community as a whole”. And hopefully it will introduce new people to the philosophy, giving them the support and knowledge to go off and do great things and a place to share their stories.

Now it’s time for you to share your surplus if you canTo get off to a good start, Pip needs some help. We’re running a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to help with the printing costs for the first issue. If you have a spare $5, $10, $50, or $100 laying around, please make a pledge. Not only will you help turn Pip from an idea to a reality, but there are some great gifts up for grabs—permaculture books, goodie bags, CDs, courses, and much more! You may also get your name printed in the magazine as a supporter!

To pledge, visit the Pip Permaculture Magazine page over at Pozible. Also, check out this great introductory video below—featuring the co-initiator of permaculture David Holmgren.

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