My Permaculture Design: An Overview – Entertainment

The things I enjoy most are simple. Reading a book with a glass of red wine, the mild afternoon sun kissing my face. Pottering amongst a native woodland, the sound of cracking leafs and bark under foot, the faint scent of Australia—eucalyptus oil, wattle, salt and roo dung—sailing up my eager nostrils. Digging dirt, pulling plants. Tapping words out like these. Sitting in a comfy chair, pondering the universe, having an idea and remembering some great thinker wrote it—to verify it and realise I got the name right. Having great conversation over food and wine with my nearest and dearest, without any drama arising. Aimlessly walking through Adelaide—no plans, no restrictions, not a care. The smell of libraries. Standing in the middle of the street with a chatty neighbour—learning about them and realising you have things in common. Turning compost. Picking herbs. Working on something of importance until my body aches and going to sleep early from exhaustion, to awaken the next morning completely refreshed. A pint at a country pub that has an authentic, unpretentious vibe—just good, hardworking locals treating themselves at the end of a long day. The sort of guys ‘n’ gals that’ll give anybody a nod and a “How’s it goin’, mate?” Living by my values, openly and proudly.

This is the last post of the series. It’s about what I find entertaining and what makes me tick. What makes you tick?

5 thoughts on “My Permaculture Design: An Overview – Entertainment

  1. Small things make me happy too; finishing a project, the smell of happy, sleepy sheep, the sound of a hen bedding her chicks down for the night with a bed-time story (they do) and an evening spent reading or crafting with no interruptions. When small things make you happy, nothing can take away your happiness for long.

  2. Watching my kids explore and learn from the natural world, harvesting and tasting my first homegrown blackberry (taste explosion anyone?) planting out seedlings i’ve grown from herbs, gifting excess produce to friends, sewing a pretty dress using an old bedsheet, pressure canning or bottling organic produce and knowing I have enough to last the year out, digging over the soil in a garden bed, watching someones face when I tell them I’ve planted about 100 pumpkin seeds, most of which have come up, bandicooting for spuds, realising that every vegetable on our Christmas plates was grown in my garden, watching our fowl sitting on eggs and actually hatching them (more disappointment than not unfortunately, making the successes even sweeter), plaiting up my garlic harvest and realising I have about 12 braids, and so much more. Truly, the simple things in life really truly are the best. 🙂
    Oh, and dont forget, plying and winning a game of solitaire using real cards. 😉

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